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LearnKey: Classroom Bundles

We offer an engaging series of online bundles for the classroom — each with its own group of courses — to help you and your students develop the technical skills for success in the modern world. Many of these programs include built-in workbooks and teacher guides to help plan the learning path.

Best of all, our programs are easy to use, media-rich and interactive, with built-in labs and pre- and post-tests. All content is contained within a secure LMS, making it easy for you to track test results and time spent online to follow the progress of your classroom. The LMS also allows you to easily create separate groups for each class or any specialized group of people, assign unique administrators, and secure viewing rights for authorized individuals.

Standard licensing for these surprisingly affordable bundles is for up to 1000 users per high school. All LearnKey bundles provide access to any students, staff and faculty within the school.

LearnKey: Providing great comprehensive beginner- to advanced-level resources

To view the full syllabus for these or any other LearnKey course please visit our LearnKey Product List page.

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