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Translation Services

It’s a global marketplace today and to communicate your organization’s objectives you must be understood in the countries where you do business. Our translation services allow you to reach out to your target audience in a language that they understand.

Whether it’s creating marketing materials, internal initiatives or a complete learning course, Shadowbox can help you realize your project goals in almost any market and language. Complete desktop design is available, aligned to your original language requirements.

Shadowbox makes translation affordable

Our Translation Services Include:

  • Document/Course text translation and conversion
  • Media/Course production
  • Native voice-over artists
  • Closed Captioning
  • English translation of foreign materials

Languages We Offer:

•  Afrikanns•  English•  Japanese•  Slovakian
•  Arabic•  Finnish•  Kannada•  Spanish (EU)
•  Assamese•  French (CA)•  Kashmiri•  Spanish (LA)
•  Bengali•  French (EU)•  Korean•  Swedish
•  Bodo•  German•  Nepali•  Tagalog
•  Bosnian•  Greek•  Norwegian•  Taiwanese
•  Bulgarian•  Gujarati•  Polish•  Tamil
•  Cantonese•  Hebrew•  Portuguese (BR)•  Thai
•  Croatian•  Hindi•  Portuguese (EU)•  Turkish
•  Czech•  Hungarian•  Punjabi•  Ukrainian
•  Danish•  Indonesian•  Romanian•  Urdu
•  Dutch•  Italian•  Russian•  Vietnamese