LearnKey: Safe Schools

LearnKey offers two series of online learning resources for the classroom which support Canada’s Safe Schools initiative. These courses are designed for Junior to Senior level K–12 students.

These unique programs are available on a customized portal for your school or district on an easy-to-use online platform. Each portal has a secure built-in Learning Management System to help you manage the online “classroom.” Set up various groups for classrooms, progressive discipline programs, or fit any unique need. Contact us for complimentary review access to any of these materials.

K12 Life Skills:

The K12 Life Skills bundle is designed to help teach the critical lessons surrounding Bullying and take steps towards dealing with this important issue. In eight individual short courses, students are exposed to various situations, encouraged to look at underlying issues and guide in building positive character skills.

Shadowbox Learning has authored an accompanying “Guide for Educators” available for the K12 Life Skills series (available electronically at no charge).

Career Readiness / Digital Literacy:

With the Career Readiness/Digital Literacy bundle, students will learn skills that are essential to their personal success as well as managing life online.
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