LearnKey: Business Ethics on the Job

Business Ethics on the Job

The age-old “golden rule” — to treat others the way you would like to be treated — continues to be the cornerstone of ethical behavior. Seven essential business ethics that people should understand include integrity, loyalty, honesty, responsibility, empathy, confidentiality, and respect. In today’s competitive world, it is more essential than ever that people set themselves apart from the crowd. Business Ethics on the Job is designed to aid in the understanding of the basic ethics necessary for successful employment. By advising students of the fundamentals of business ethics, educators are preparing students for a long, fruitful, and enjoyable career.


  • Explain the importance of behaving ethically on the job
  • Articulate and understand your own moral values and apply them to the working world
  • Recognize the value of treating others with respect
  • Understand how loyalty to an employer benefits both the workplace and themselves
  • Realize the importance of honesty in business
  • Understand that taking on extra responsibility at times is part of a career
  • See the benefit of analyzing a situation from other perspectives
  • Decide what information can be discussed on the job and what should be kept confidential
  • Handle ethical dilemmas on the job with confidence

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