Course Development

Bring Your Course to Life

If you’re new to eLearning, we’ll help build your knowledge and identify the best solution options for you.
Producing eLearning becomes a dialogue between our organizations. We “partner” with you to understand your course needs, your delivery platform, and your audience. Bring us a project and let’s discuss how to create an engaging course that meets your needs.

Production Capability

  • In-house expertise in professional design, graphics, animation, audio and video
  • Voice-over narration artists available for a variety of gender, tone and language
  • Audio fully edited to be clean, balanced and optimized for online delivery
  • Content produced to meet your end-user device needs
  • Products built to SCORM standards, meeting the needs of common Learning Management System platforms (LMS)
  • Courses are built to accessibility guidelines — full text and audio are standard

Course Design Approach

We pursue continuous improvement by maintaining up-to-date software and design tools.

  • Presentation and slide design are customized to reflect your brand
  • Graphics, animations and charts are integrated according to your needs
  • Courses can be split into Sessions, Modules, Chapters and Topics
  • Module navigation is intuitive and easy to use
  • Full indexing allows for bookmarking and provides random access for review
  • Chapters and slides may be locked until requirements have been met to ensure the learner follows the required path of learning
  • Interactive components such as games and quizzes are built-in or created in the LMS
  • A Glossary of Terms can be built into each module
  • Pre- and post-tests available as assessment tools with optional question pools
  • Certificates are printable upon successful completion of course materials

Project Guidelines

Our end-to-end process begins with a conversation with a dedicated account manager.
The early-stage discussions are designed to define your project needs, consider some treatment options and prepare a proposal for the scope of work.

  • Address technical needs and your ecosystem specifications
  • Discuss course overview and treatment options
  • Identify audience and subject matter expert (SME)
  • Create project timetable
  • Determine budget parameters

Translation and Localization Services

Shadowbox Learning Services can provide a full translation of your eLearning into as many as 56 languages and localizations. We manage the full conversion of any custom course to meet your requirements.

This includes the translation of video elements, embedded documents, voice-over narration and all text elements — all delivered back to you in SCORM format ready to upload to your LMS. Read more about our Translation Services.

Quality Assurance

After initial production is complete, the project moves into the quality assurance cycle. QA includes content proofing, validation of functionality, technical compatibility and sandboxing to assure integration into your LMS.

Updates and Edits

In building modular courses, future changes and updates to content are a simple low-cost process. Course versions can be uploaded to update an existing course, changes and enhancements can replace outdated material or be inserted as new files, and student tracking data can be preserved.


Our goal is to design the most engaging product optimized around your key parameters.
Today there is a greater range of pricing than ever and that’s good news for your purchasing department. Course development criteria have numerous options which impact the final cost: design elements, animation, video, audio, games, quizzes, delivery requirements, assessment needs and overall run time are a few of the considerations that determine scope.

We offer a broad variety of options and pricing packages. Achieve your eLearning goals with just the right combination of components and services. Contact Us today to learn more!

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