LearnKey: Workplace Etiquette: Why Being Polite Counts on the Job

Workplace Etiquette: Why Being Polite Counts on the Job

Studies by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and the Stanford Research Institute have concluded that success in getting, keeping, and advancing in a job depends 85 percent on people skills and only 15 percent on technical knowledge and skills. Qualifications are important, but most decisions come down to our relationships with others. A polite, professional manner is a key component to one’s success, and the Golden Rule of treating others as one would like to be treated pays big dividends in the business world. In short, workplace etiquette translates into workplace productivity. The good news is that people skills can be learned. Equipping job-seekers with basic rules of workplace etiquette will help them feel more relaxed and confident. Encouraging job-seekers to adopt a courteous mindset will carry over into every aspect of their career and will greatly boost their chance of success. The Workplace Etiquette: Why Being Polite Counts on the Job course teaches viewers what employers expect in terms of professional and respectful behavior. Humorous scenarios highlight different areas where workplace etiquette is a must — appearance, punctuality, communication, respecting privacy and boundaries, gossip, proper use of time at work, conflict management, and responding to criticism.


  • Appreciate the importance of being polite on the job
  • Articulate rules of workplace etiquette
  • Recognize how attitudes are expressed through behavior
  • Understand the link between interpersonal skills and job success
  • Distinguish acceptable from unacceptable workplace attire
  • Realize the importance of using respectful and professional language
  • Know the basics of computer and phone etiquette
  • Acknowledge the hazards of gossip and bad-mouthing others
  • Develop strategies for dealing with rude coworkers
  • Connect personal qualities to appropriate workplace behavior
  • Respond to criticism in a professional manner

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